ABC’s in a Muffin Tin

Frog is working on his ABC’s, he can almost sing them but is working on putting the actual letter with it’s sound.  I have been saving water bottle cap, Powerade caps, and milk caps for awhile, and the other day I decided I would use some Dollarstore stickers on the water bottle ones to work on letters and eventually spelling.  I’ve seen the idea before using a sharpie on the lids or on rocks or other items, but this is what worked best for us!
Here is what they look like, I only had so many saved so far so we did a set of the alphabet and  then made sure there was enough to spell names.
Then idea number 2 came into play for the Powerade caps, I found some fun foam letters that were both capital and lowercase, which meant I could make an ABC matching game of upper and lower case letters.  I decided black powerade caps for lowercase and blue milk caps for capitals!
Powerade caps!

And Foam Stickers
Equals ABC’s in a Muffin Tin 🙂 (Two of the letters won’t fit but it was ok to set them on the outside)

An empty formula can for storage.

Ready for lots of ABC fun!

Activities to do with ABC’s in a Muffin Tin:

  • Matching Upper Case and Lower Case in order or out of order
  • What letter is missing? (take a letter or two away and see if your child can find them)
  • Spell out Name or other words (May need to make multiples of some letters for this activity or mix in some water bottle letters)
What are some Activities that you can come up with?

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Bugs….Spring Time Fun!

 The Sign of the Week is Bug and we’ve seen lots of them as the weather is getting warmer! Our Frog loves his bug net and magnifying glass (both from the Target dollar section).  The magnifying glass is currently missing somewhere in the house, I’m sure we’ll find it someday!

There are several fun things you can do with bugs, from hunting for bugs to planting gardens!  If you want some fun activities to do inside you can use some of the Bug activities from Or make your own bug matching game, make bugs with playdough, or out of construction paper there are so many fun activities to do No Time For Flash Cards has 30 Bug Crafts for Kids
Here are some Fun Spring things we’ve done outside this week!
We planted our garden, and found lots of bugs and worms while digging in it!  I’ve had to get over my fear of worms so I don’t pass it on to our boys!  Besides our Frog was so excited this year to help plant the garden, we’re hoping for a better outcome this year.  Last year the heat and high ozone levels killed our garden.  We also planted some Strawberry seeds inside that he has been watching slowly grow!
One of my favorite signs of Spring is green grass! Our yard is still a brownish green mixture but a nearby field is green! The grass crawls here if you step outside and look down you are sure to see a bug or 2 or 20, so its not very difficult to hunt bugs.  
 We’ve been playing outside a lot enjoying nice weather using bubbles and side walk chalk and other fun activities. Frog loves his new best friend, a bird who made its home on our fence!  He loves standing there talking to the bird!  The one tree we did have in our yard died last year, but hopefully we’ll plant a new one 🙂  
So go for a walk and enjoy some of the beautiful Spring weather! What are some fun Spring Activities especially with bugs that you enjoy doing?

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Bath Time Fun!

The Sign of the Week is Bath, so we’ll share some tips and ideas that we’ve used during bath time fun!

To Make the Bath Paints we used this recipe, I substituted baby soap instead of the dish detergent. I’ve made it in these tubes (Hotel soap and lotion containers from when my husband was living at a hotel) and small containers (from the dollar store),  I like being able to use it for more then one bath, and they do last for awhile!

Teach letters, numbers, colors or shapes in the bath! Foam can be cut into any shape or size.  The easiest way to make them is to use a mechanical pencil without lead and trace or draw the shape that you want on it!  The hammer and screwdriver were used tracing toy ones!  The details on the ambulance were drawn on with a sharpie (I would soak and wipe a few times before giving it for play if you do that).  We used a Cricut to cut out the firetruck and ambulance (with some help from a utility knife).

 Foam puzzles from the Dollar Store or Michaels work well in the bath took, anything foam will stick to the walls!

Some other fun baths we have had include play with Easter Eggs, Toy Boats, Stacker Toys, Glow in the Dark Stars, and Glow Sticks!

This is 3 glowsticks and a glow in the dark star with bubbles!

To use glow sticks in the bath snap them so they start glowing and put them in the bath (don’t break them open), if you don’t feel comfortable using glow sticks you can use the glow in the dark shapes used for hanging on walls or ceilings!

There are so many different ideas and themes that you can do, plastic dinosaurs or farm animals or cars…  Be creative and have fun 🙂 Just make sure if you live somewhere where mold is an issue that you take the time to clean and dry the toys too!

We have used baths in different locations for when it was either too cold or too hot to play outside!  You can also use some of these outside in the pool or just a bucket of water!  Go have a Fun Bath and spend some quality time with the children in your life!

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Fast and Easy Carseat Cover!

So I love fast and easy projects that I can start and finish in a short time!  Since it gets cold but not to cold here I didn’t want to make a car seat cover that was too thick so I used a layer of fleece!  
  1. Cut fleece to size you want (I used a flannel blanket to check on the size then cut out my blanket that way)
  2. Sew 4 button holes where you want it to attach
  3. Then put 2 toy links on each side through the button holes
  4. If I had a serger I would serge around the edges but I don’t…so I didn’t…



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Receiving Blanket

So in trying to save money we’ve been making as many things as we can, next on the list to make was some receiving blankets!

  1. Cut piece of flannel 25″ x 31″ (folded 12.5″ x 15.5″)
  2. Poster board 22″ by 28″ (end dimension of blanket)
  3. Fold edges under and again and iron them around the poster board
  4. Take poster board out and pin edges down
  5. Stitch close to fold (Stitch 00 0.5 2.5)
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Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths

When we had our first, we were given a few cloth diaper burp cloths, they were my favorite because they were absorbent, so on my list to sew was some burp cloths!  I made 2 different ones, one with a full flannel side and the other with a flannel strip.  For some reason I don’t have a picture of the flannel strip ones right now…

 To make the Flannel Side ones:

  1. Cloth diaper plus 1 14″x19″ piece of flannel
  2. Pin right sides together and Stitch together leaving an opening to turn (Stitch 00 4.5 2.5)
  3. Turn right side out trim edges and pin
    1. Stitch up diaper fold (Stitch 00 3.5 2.5)
    2. Stitch outer edge (Stitch 03 5.0 2.0)

 I made them to match some of the blankets that I made!

Flannel Strip:
  1. 1 Cloth Diaper and a 3″-6″ wide strip of flannel and heat n bond
  2. Attach heat n bond to flannel then iron on to diaper
  3. Stitch around the edges (Stitch 00 6.5 2.5)

 I love how they look even if they don’t look perfect!  Now I get to wait for the little one to arrive to test them out…

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Rice Packs!

This year I decided to make some hand warmers for Christmas presents.  I cut out 2 pieces of fleece and did a straight stitch most of the way around.  Filled them with rice and finished sewing them…
I then made a cute printable with an explanation of putting them in the microwave for 30 seconds or putting them in the freezer to have them as ice packs!

 I added the label and tied them with a bow and mailed them off!

I also made a few bigger rice bags as well…somehow I managed to not got a picture of all of them before they were given away…

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