Past Projects

So here are a bunch of things I’ve done some recent some not so and a few were Frog’s birthday presents:

Foam Letters I made when Frog was about 6 months old…we’ve had them for awhile, but we just made the tools today 🙂  They are really easy, I just traced the stencil or the tool itself with a mechanical pencil with no lead.

This was my pride and joy for Frog’s birthday, and they were actually really easy.  I found the pattern here: Old Macdonald Puppets. Of course I can never follow a pattern completely and I still have the pig and farmer to make, I didn’t have enough felt in the right colors the first time around.

The backs of the puppets, the best part N8 actually plays with them he loves to put them on his hand or bring them to me to put on my hand 🙂

Homemade Play Dough: I used a no-cook recipe and it was really simple to mix in my kitchen aid.  The hardest part was coloring my hands…I mean the play dough.

I made a large felt board out of left over felt (I ordered a yard of the green and got way more…)  I don’t even remember what I got it for.. All of the felt board stories I printed from the internet Nursery Rhymes and Books and Felt Board Stories.  You can search on the internet and find a bunch of sources.  I just print them out, color them, glue stick them to thicker paper, laminate with my AWESOME laminator and hot glue a piece of sand paper to the back.

Another birthday present for Frog homemade bath paint…its so easy soap, corn starch and food coloring.  Frog loves to color the water with it.  Little does he know that he’s cleaning himself too!

I made a bunch of these cute little bags, I just used a placemat or in the case of this one half a placemat and stitched around the leaving the finished edge at the top and added ribbon handles.  Easy!

In Relief Society we made these awesome season block, they were my pride and joy…Sadly they stuck together while they were packed away and don’t look quite so happy anymore.

The Family Home Evening Board was another Relief Society project, except there we made it with clear magnets and it was suppose to be pictures but I didn’t want to use pictures and painted them.  Well they had fallen and I didn’t really like how they turned out, but now I love it. I got 6 wooden leafs from Michaels and modge podged scrap book paper on them.  I also wrote our names in White puffy paint  It doesn’t stand out to well.

Well these are a few of my creations, I can keep track of here, so if I go to make them again I can see my own pointers and have a reminder how I did it.  I have some other creations that I’ve made and given away and sadly don’t remember how I did it, so I’ll have to start over.

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