I remember…

Ok so as I was playing cars with Frog the day after I wrote the last post I realized what the green felt was for:

It was for this cool felt play mat that I made for Christmas last year.

The Farmer and pig are complete, they even have eyes now…I guess I took the picture before hand.  I also made another sheep. Pattern:  Just Another Day in Paradise

The back of the farmer and the pig.

A set of finger puppets that I made with the pattern from homemadebyjill.blogspot.com

My ‘high 5’ mat to teach Frog colors, he loves giving them five.  He loves giving 5 and knuckles lately 🙂  I got the idea from reading someones post about cutting out a handshape in the color they were teaching their child.  I thought why not make a mat with all the colors, so I did.  I sewed this last Monday when hubby was home, mommy has to have sometime to create fun things!

The best part about making things is watching Frog play with them when I’m done,  the puppets the mat, the car mat, and the list goes on!  I’ve also lately been doing ‘tot’ school with Frog.  So I’ve collected some ideas from on-line and we learn, really its just playing with the added bonus of learning 🙂 Frog doesn’t even notice, he just loves having lots of mommy time.

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