Pajama Pants here I come…

Ok so hubby has wanted me to sew him a pair of ‘lounge’ shorts out of fleece that his grandma gave me a year ago… So I decided that it would make a good birthday present (don’t worry he never checks the blogs unless I tell him too).  Besides he’ll probably walk in at night when I’m sewing it…    I didn’t want my first piece of clothing that I sewed by myself to be on the shorts in case I needed to learn, so I made a small pair of pj pants using this post as a guideline.  Sorry no pics my lil one went to sleep before they were done and woke up crying as soon as I finished so I stuck them on him and he fell asleep.

But if you ask me they look great 🙂  I’m proud of myself!  Now to tackle the bigger size…

Also today I finished the sewing project I’ve been working on for a week now, its a good thing my sewing machine can take up a side of the table without it being in the way.  I planned to do it while hubby was home, but we were all not feeling so great…

Anyways without further ado…

Cut and ready to sew…

All done 🙂  So they were all suppose to have the zig zag stitch but as you can tell by looking at the B it wasn’t working…so straight stitch it was…maybe someday I’ll fix the B but for now it stays!
We’ve started working on the alphabet the last few weeks we’ve been working on P for Pumpkin!

MMMMM Caramel Corn!!!!

 We also made pumpkin cookies for the ward party on Sat and some more Caramel Corn because its oh so good!!!

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