Starting Over After the Fire…

It was hard at first to get motivation to craft, since all the hard work from other projects I’ve made are gone. But I’ve decided I can start over and I will! There are some projects that I’ll redo like the puppets and others that I’m not sure I will like the felt playhouse/the car play mat. I probably eventually will but those are time consuming and right now project number one is getting the house to be more like a home instead of a place with a few pieces of furniture. I’m excited for yard sales to start! But until then I’m working on curtains and little decorations, we’ve started hanging some pictures and such as well.  Here are a few of the projects I’ve been working on more to come soon!

I am in love with the book “Big Little Felt Universe” by Jeaneette Lim.  I checked it out of the library and think I might have to get myself a copy. They have all these awesome projects you can make from felt for kids.  I’ve started the Doctors one and hopefully it will be finished by Valentines Day!
This was a face cloth…
It became a wonderful heat pack 🙂  We made them before in Relief Society and they take less than 5 minutes to make.  Just fold the face cloth in half sew a small and the big side on the seam, fill with rice and finish sewing.

The biggest project is making curtains.  These are the ones for the living room, I  currently have the living room and Frog’s room done with the material almost all cut for the others.  I’ve been buying the fabric at Hobby Lobby with a 40% percent off coupon which makes it on average $10 a window some are a lot less some a little more…  I used broadcloth material with a blackout-lining.  So they are like the eclipse energy efficient curtains for a lot less!  Less than a $100 to do all of our windows.  I just sewed the panels to the lining on the top and sides, the bottom is not sewn to the lining just hemmed and then added tabs and used the cheap rods.  We might eventually upgrade the rods, but for now we’re just enjoying the curtains.

Since all of our decorations are gone, I decided that I needed to make one to sit on the mantle.  I painted a dollar store frame black and added hearts that I cut out using the Cricut and handwrote the letters on.  I love it minus the fact the H isn’t centered.

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