Christmas Countdown Calendar

This is my 3rd Attempt at making a Christmas countdown calendar like the one my grandparents made for my brother and I when we were little.  The first time we had a flood in our apartment and the 2nd time we had a fire in our apartment… So this year I was determined to finish one! I bought ornaments on clearance for it last year and bought the felt back in October when it was on sale at JoAnns :).  

I cut out a large piece of white Felt and 4 strips of red to  make the pockets…I can’t find where I wrote down what I did and its up in the attic…

I then found a picture of a Christmas Tree and increased it to the size I wanted on the computer and traced it with some large packing paper I had… I cut it out sewed it on and then added 24 buttons!  Yay for a sewing machine that sews buttons on!

I then checked to make sure the buttons were secure!

Then wrote the numbers on with puffy paint…I was sad that somehow the numbers managed to get bigger, but oh well! Frog loved hanging the ornaments on it and counting down the days til Christmas!

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