Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths

When we had our first, we were given a few cloth diaper burp cloths, they were my favorite because they were absorbent, so on my list to sew was some burp cloths!  I made 2 different ones, one with a full flannel side and the other with a flannel strip.  For some reason I don’t have a picture of the flannel strip ones right now…

 To make the Flannel Side ones:

  1. Cloth diaper plus 1 14″x19″ piece of flannel
  2. Pin right sides together and Stitch together leaving an opening to turn (Stitch 00 4.5 2.5)
  3. Turn right side out trim edges and pin
    1. Stitch up diaper fold (Stitch 00 3.5 2.5)
    2. Stitch outer edge (Stitch 03 5.0 2.0)

 I made them to match some of the blankets that I made!

Flannel Strip:
  1. 1 Cloth Diaper and a 3″-6″ wide strip of flannel and heat n bond
  2. Attach heat n bond to flannel then iron on to diaper
  3. Stitch around the edges (Stitch 00 6.5 2.5)

 I love how they look even if they don’t look perfect!  Now I get to wait for the little one to arrive to test them out…

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