Bath Time Fun!

The Sign of the Week is Bath, so we’ll share some tips and ideas that we’ve used during bath time fun!

To Make the Bath Paints we used this recipe, I substituted baby soap instead of the dish detergent. I’ve made it in these tubes (Hotel soap and lotion containers from when my husband was living at a hotel) and small containers (from the dollar store),  I like being able to use it for more then one bath, and they do last for awhile!

Teach letters, numbers, colors or shapes in the bath! Foam can be cut into any shape or size.  The easiest way to make them is to use a mechanical pencil without lead and trace or draw the shape that you want on it!  The hammer and screwdriver were used tracing toy ones!  The details on the ambulance were drawn on with a sharpie (I would soak and wipe a few times before giving it for play if you do that).  We used a Cricut to cut out the firetruck and ambulance (with some help from a utility knife).

 Foam puzzles from the Dollar Store or Michaels work well in the bath took, anything foam will stick to the walls!

Some other fun baths we have had include play with Easter Eggs, Toy Boats, Stacker Toys, Glow in the Dark Stars, and Glow Sticks!

This is 3 glowsticks and a glow in the dark star with bubbles!

To use glow sticks in the bath snap them so they start glowing and put them in the bath (don’t break them open), if you don’t feel comfortable using glow sticks you can use the glow in the dark shapes used for hanging on walls or ceilings!

There are so many different ideas and themes that you can do, plastic dinosaurs or farm animals or cars…  Be creative and have fun 🙂 Just make sure if you live somewhere where mold is an issue that you take the time to clean and dry the toys too!

We have used baths in different locations for when it was either too cold or too hot to play outside!  You can also use some of these outside in the pool or just a bucket of water!  Go have a Fun Bath and spend some quality time with the children in your life!

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