Bugs….Spring Time Fun!

 The Sign of the Week is Bug and we’ve seen lots of them as the weather is getting warmer! Our Frog loves his bug net and magnifying glass (both from the Target dollar section).  The magnifying glass is currently missing somewhere in the house, I’m sure we’ll find it someday!

There are several fun things you can do with bugs, from hunting for bugs to planting gardens!  If you want some fun activities to do inside you can use some of the Bug activities from 3dinosaurs.com. Or make your own bug matching game, make bugs with playdough, or out of construction paper there are so many fun activities to do No Time For Flash Cards has 30 Bug Crafts for Kids
Here are some Fun Spring things we’ve done outside this week!
We planted our garden, and found lots of bugs and worms while digging in it!  I’ve had to get over my fear of worms so I don’t pass it on to our boys!  Besides our Frog was so excited this year to help plant the garden, we’re hoping for a better outcome this year.  Last year the heat and high ozone levels killed our garden.  We also planted some Strawberry seeds inside that he has been watching slowly grow!
One of my favorite signs of Spring is green grass! Our yard is still a brownish green mixture but a nearby field is green! The grass crawls here if you step outside and look down you are sure to see a bug or 2 or 20, so its not very difficult to hunt bugs.  
 We’ve been playing outside a lot enjoying nice weather using bubbles and side walk chalk and other fun activities. Frog loves his new best friend, a bird who made its home on our fence!  He loves standing there talking to the bird!  The one tree we did have in our yard died last year, but hopefully we’ll plant a new one 🙂  
So go for a walk and enjoy some of the beautiful Spring weather! What are some fun Spring Activities especially with bugs that you enjoy doing?

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