ABC’s in a Muffin Tin

Frog is working on his ABC’s, he can almost sing them but is working on putting the actual letter with it’s sound.  I have been saving water bottle cap, Powerade caps, and milk caps for awhile, and the other day I decided I would use some Dollarstore stickers on the water bottle ones to work on letters and eventually spelling.  I’ve seen the idea before using a sharpie on the lids or on rocks or other items, but this is what worked best for us!
Here is what they look like, I only had so many saved so far so we did a set of the alphabet and  then made sure there was enough to spell names.
Then idea number 2 came into play for the Powerade caps, I found some fun foam letters that were both capital and lowercase, which meant I could make an ABC matching game of upper and lower case letters.  I decided black powerade caps for lowercase and blue milk caps for capitals!
Powerade caps!

And Foam Stickers
Equals ABC’s in a Muffin Tin 🙂 (Two of the letters won’t fit but it was ok to set them on the outside)

An empty formula can for storage.

Ready for lots of ABC fun!

Activities to do with ABC’s in a Muffin Tin:

  • Matching Upper Case and Lower Case in order or out of order
  • What letter is missing? (take a letter or two away and see if your child can find them)
  • Spell out Name or other words (May need to make multiples of some letters for this activity or mix in some water bottle letters)
What are some Activities that you can come up with?

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