Your Time To Sign

Once upon a time I was taking a class in American Sign Language (ASL) and writing a paper on how it was beneficial to use with young children.  This was around the time Rachel Coleman had started producing Signing Time Movies(the VHS version).  There was not much research available and what there was had mixed results.  Well fast forward several years and I found myself working as a parent educator for the Parents As Teachers program, and I was able to attend a conference.

I attended a session on using Sign Language with children and was reintroduced to Signing Time!  With an 18 month old we had been signing with since birth, I knew I wanted to get some of the Signing Time DVD’s.  So I went on their website and learned that I could become a certified instructor, yes please!  Shortly after I became certified we learned that we were moving, and with a few curve-balls life threw our way my business was put on the back burner.  Now with a 3 year old and 6 month old I am ready to get out there and share with others a beneficial ways to teach babies to communicate and help increase the vocabulary of young children.  My youngest started signing milk at 4 months!  We are homeschooling our boys and using Signing Time to support our curriculum, to find more about my business visit Your Time To Sign

Note: Any Signing Time Links in my posts are affiliate links, if you purchase any products I receive a small commission!


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